Montessori Schools

Are you interested in placing your child in an environment where cooperative play is encouraged, learning is child-centered, self- discipline is learned naturally, and has a system that is indivdualized to each student? A Montessori school is what you could be looking for.

About the Montessori Curriculum

Social Learning

In multi age classrooms, your child is given the opportunity to learn from other children, learn community and social skills as well as learning to respect the individuality of each person. Montessori multi-age classrooms usually incorporate a three-year age span based on similarities in physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. 

Child Paced

Children work at their own pace with materials they choose, either alone or with others, and teachers guide them towards new activities and materials when they feel the child is ready.  The goal is to encourage active, self-directed learning that aims at mastering tasks. 

Flexible Schedules

Most Montessori Fremont schools offer various programs to fit your schedule and they  are available for children 16 months to 6 years. Whether you're looking for full day, half day, afterschool, morning care or extended day programs, there is one available for you and your child.

Get a hold of your local Montessori School

If the teachings of the Montessori system are the right fit for you and your child then contact your local Montessori school today for more information about pricing, programs, and even available times to take a campus tour.